Injectables fillers for wrinkles

This involves injecting filling products which eradicate or minimise wrinkles, without having to resort to any kind of surgery.

It also allows the modification of facial contours and morphology.

The most well known example is lip augmentation, but it can also be used for cheekbones, cheeks or chin. In fact facial aging manifests itself not only as a deepening of natural creases such as naso-genial fold area (the grooves from your nose to your chin) but equally as the loss of fatty tissue that determine the contours of the face.

For several years collagen had no real competition but it has now ceded its place to products that are better tolerated and have longer lasting results. The arrival of hyaluronic acid injections in cosmetic medicine transformed the procedure: allergy tests are no longer necessary and the doctor can use it without worry.

The main and most well known ones are:

  • Restylane
  • Juvederm
  • Matridex
  • Hylaform

Other materials have completed the range of treatments:


  • Aquamid
  • Bio-Alcamid
  • Outline

Unlike hyaluronic acids, the effect of which does not exceed a year, they are non resorbable products.

Polylactic Acids:

  • Sculptra is the market leader and lasts for about two years.

More recently the Calcium Hydroxylapatites have appeared (under the brand name: Radiesse). The results last for two years.

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