Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation in 10 questions

1. What are the indications?

Solely for aesthetic purposes, increasing breast-size is a question of personal choice.

2. Can I do this procedure before having children?

Absolutely, as implants are placed behind the mammary glands (and sometimes even behind the pectoral muscles) this does not affect pregnancy or breast feeding

3. Is it permanent?

No, implants must be replaced after 10 years. The replacement operation is much simpler and does not require hospitalization.

4. How long is the hospital stay?

24 hours maximum. You leave with a bandage to keep on for 8 days then a surgical bra worn day and night for 15 days.

5. Is it painful?

No, not really, but painkillers are prescribed during the first week

6. Are there any complications to worry about?

The major complication is the appearance of capsular contracture. These are hard swellings around the breast, sign that the body has rejected the implants. Although very rare, this complication appearing soon after surgery usually requires removal of the implants.

7. Do the breasts look natural?

That obviously depends on the size of implants chosen by the patient which should be proportional to their figure.
Obviously implants in silicone gel give breasts better posture.

8. Will the scars be visible?

In fact they are invisible regardless of the technique used. Either under the armpit and thus hidden, or around the areola at the edge of the darker nipple area.

9. How long does the procedure take?

About 1 hour under general anaesthetic.

10. What is the cost?

Count about 1 900 £ to 2 700 £ including surgery.