Liposculpture: The most popular treatment in the world of cosmetic surgery!

Millions of vibro-liposculpture procedures are carried out every year. When you hear about cosmetic surgery, you immediately think of liposuction. Luckily today cosmetic surgery is no longer a privilege reserved to the rich and famous. The fact that it can be done at a low cost in countries with very competitive rates, means that most people can afford cosmetic surgery today.


Because the fat eliminated by liposculpture is permanently eradicated.

To learn more about this process, you will need to refer to the anatomic unit called STEATOMERY. This comes from the Greek “steato” for fat and “meros” for part.


Steatomery is the significant and visible accumulation of fatty tissue on particular parts of the body (thighs –‘saddlebags’, tummy, flanks, back of the arms, inner sides of knees etc…) and it essentially occurs after puberty.

There are deep anchoring fibres located around the aponeuroses (the tendon area) made up of connective tissue which contain varyingly dense proteins, such as collagen or elastic fibres. These membranes have elongations attached onto the muscle and the bone. Other anchoring fibres penetrate the dermis.


This bundle of fibres occurs on the surface as well as deeper in the body. It is essentially young women in certain countries who are affected by these genetically determined pathologies. We should not confuse steatomery with cellulite which refers to the infiltration of subcutaneous connecting tissue giving the skin a dimpled appearance (also a symptom of this pathology.)


* A less aesthetic silhouette.
* Pain when the fatty areas are pinched.
* The surface skin has a dimpled appearance, often referred to as the orange peel syndrome.


Diets are ineffective.

In some cases physical exercise can help reduce the symptoms.

Liposuction is the best treatment to eliminate deep fat, simply because the cells in which the fat develops, are eradicated. In fact, the body doesn’t produce any more fatty cells after puberty. Therefore the cells that are removed by liposculpture cannot be replaced. This is why the result is definitive.

Vibro-liposculpture : what is it ?

25 years ago, an Italian gynaecologist invented liposuction. The procedure was immediately adopted in France and in the United States. Liposuction has evolved greatly over the past 20 years. Liposuction, lipoplasty, soft liposuction, ultra sound liposuction, laser or vibro-liposculpture, the technique remains the same. It is a treatment that vacuums out localised fatty deposits through a small incision and very fine cannulas.
The principle of VLS is to assist the surgeons arm movement thanks to a mechanism that produces a vibration in the vacuuming cannula. This is powered by compressed air.
As this requires less muscle power, the surgeon can be gentler and more precise with his strokes.
The cannula’s vibration has a range of less than one centimetre which makes it very safe.
The most widely used equipment for this technique is Lipomatic®.

Currently, most liposuctions are practised using the ‘wet’ technique. This was developed by Dr Jeffry Klein, a dermatologist from Newport Beach, California. The main difference between the ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ techniques is that before vacuuming, a liquid is injected into the fat. This liquid is a mixture of saline solution and anaesthetic and adrenaline products. Thanks to the “Klein liquid” the patient suffers less pain and the diluted fat is more easily extracted through the fine Lipomatic® cannulas. In the past, the liposuction procedure involved quite a lot of bleeding. Today, thanks to this innovation there is practically none.

After the procedure, you will have to wear a support stocking for a couple of weeks - day and night for the first week and then just during the day for the following weeks.

Recovery after vibro-liposculpture is quick. After 3 days, the incisions will have healed. Bruising disappears after 2 weeks. The treated area is re-contoured 3 to 6 months after treatment.

Rest the following day but don’t spend the whole day in bed. You need to move, to change position every 15 minutes. You can lie down, sit or walk!

3 days after the procedure, you can take your first shower. Don’t take off your lipo-panties.

When you have a vibro-liposculpture treatment in our centre we guarantee that your problem of steatomery will be solved.

All our surgeons are experts in vibro-liposculpture, they use Lipomatic®.

What are the advantages of VLS ?

Little swelling (oedema)
No hospitalisation and a rapid return to normal activities
Local anaesthetic with light sedation
No risk of undulations in the skin (the wavy or corrugated iron effect)
The liquefied fat is suctioned gently. The doctor’s work is similar to that of an artist who sculpts and remodels the patient’s silhouette to achieve the most harmonious effect.
The technique is also suitable for older patients (whatever of the quality of their skin) and for any area of the body, even where the skin is fine and delicate.

Can anybody have vibro-liposculpture ?

Yes, almost anybody. We have done procedures on people from 18 to 72 years old ! Localised fat is the optimal indication for having a vibro-liposculpture. You do not have to be over-weight. Thin people can also have steatomery. It is a medical term which means fat deposits. This has nothing to do with obesity. You can have fat deposits without being obese.

Steatomeries are genetic.

In women, they are most commonly found :

  • under the chin (double chin)
  • the neck (buffalo hump)
  • under the arms
  • around the belly button
  • on the hips
  • interior and exterior of thighs (saddlebags)
  • around the knees and ankles

In men, they are mostly found :

  • under the chin (double chin)
  • on the chest
  • around the waist (love handles)
  • around the pubis bone

Vibro-liposculpture does not cure obesity which is a medical not a surgical problem. However, vibro-liposculpture offers many advantages in cases of obesity and excess weight. You will have a better self-image. Often the patient starts a diet after vibro-liposculpture, encouraged and motivated by his/her improved self-confidence.

Another advantage : the fatty cells are vacuumed away and hormone production can no longer effect on your weight. Fat cells make you hungry in order to create Lipoproteins. Less fat = less appetite. Eating less = an improved level of cholesterol, and improved cardio health.

Even if patients have not found their ideal weight after vibro-liposculpture, the steatomeries are solved once and for all !

You will feel more confident and attractive. Your clothes will fit and look better. After vibro-liposculpture, you do not lose kilos but centimetres.

What can vibro-liposculpture do for me ?

Vibro-liposculpture is an aesthetic treatment that aims to definitively eliminate localised fatty deposits in parts of the body where neither diets nor exercise are effective.

Vibro-liposculpture is a treatment that offers a quick, lasting and safe remodelling of your silhouette. With an attractive silhouette, you will feel great. Our goal is to give you the harmonious body which you have always dreamed of and thus a greater self-confidence.

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