Knees Liposuction

Kness can become a real obsession ! If you long for more shapely knees, and a healthy diet and regular exercise are not helping to shift your excess knee fat, knee liposuction is an option worth considering.

Are you a good candidate for Knee Liposuction?

Knees are often named the least-loved body part of both women and men alike. However, a well-contoured and defined knee can be a thing of beauty, streamlining and elongating the leg.

Unfortunately for some, small pads of fatty tissue can collect around the patella (knee cap). These fat deposits can be a result of excess weight, genetics or related to hormonal changes. Shifting knee fat with exercise or weight loss may only register very small improvements. Definition between the muscle and knee is obscured by this excess fat, giving the knee a thickened and shapeless appearance.

Liposuction can easily and effectively remove this bulge, improving the appearance of the legs by rendering the knee bone more prominent and the knee more contoured overall. It gives beautiful results. One of the biggest differences that can be made comes from treating a fairly small area. The best candidates for this procedure are the ones with an excess of fat in the inner or outer knee; the inner knee bulge ruins the thinning and tapering shape of the full leg by jutting out midway down the leg and often makes the leg look shorter and lumpy. The inner knee bulge can be significantly reduced in many patients who never realized that this was a cause of their legs not looking their best. The outer knee can sometimes have fat that can be removed also for a thinner knee and leg.

The knee liposuction procedure

Knee liposuction is the most effective method to find back nice legs and eliminate for good the fat. Generally, the intervention takes about half an hour, under local anaesthesia and light sedation. In knee liposuction, a small, thin tube is inserted into strategic locations around the knees. The fat is then gently suctioned out of the body.

Aftercare and Results

The aftercare of a knee liposuction is simple. The patient will wear knee-pads during a few days to reduce bruising and swelling. Patients can walk directly after surgery, and can generally resume normal activities within one to two weeks following surgery. They can return to their exercise routine within four to six weeks after surgery.

Patients may begin to see results within the first weeks following surgery, once the initial bruising and swelling has gone down. The knees may continue to reshape over the next several weeks as they conform to their new shape and size.The final results appear usually one month after.

Often, the patients opting for a liposuction of knees wish to redraw their legs completely, that is why a liposuction of tights or a liposuction of calfs and ankles can be practised at the same time.