Laser Lipolysis

Laser Lipolysis : What is it?

The laser lipolysis can remove fat deposits that diets and sport do not eliminate without having to resort to surgery.

The technique of laser lipolysis

1st phase : An anesthetising product (about 250 to 500 cc) is homogenously injected in the designated fatty areas with a fine needle. This non allergic anaesthetizing mixture ensures hydrotomy and an almost total lack of pain.

2nd phase : The surgeon inserts through small incisions (1 to 2mm) a sterilised micro cannula ‘guide’ into which a sterilised optic fibre is passed in order to deliver a red laser light from 8 to 14 watts and from 980 nm which will “pulverise” the adipocytes (or fat cells). No suction is necessary; the lysate (cellular debris produced) eliminates itself in the circulation.

3rd phase : We usually end by prescibing lymphatic massage sessions (LPG or endermologie) in order to encourage the elimination of cellular and fatty waste. These sessions are ideally performed by a qualified physiotherapist.

The advantages of laser lipolysis

  • A quick operation: less than one hour depending on the area treated.
  • Without risk: heating effects are controlled and indeed desired for the “lift” effect.
  • A no trauma, no hospitalization method: You can leave the centre immediately after treatment.
  • Rare hematomas (the wave length ensures hemostasis i.e. no bleeding)
  • Under simple painless local anaesthetic.
  • Treatment possible in 1 or several visits.
  • Return to work from the next day. Sport activities possible within 8 days.
  • Liposuction now possible on previously problematic areas: back, front of thighs, buttocks.
  • Superficial cellulite can be treated.

The drawbacks

  • Impossible to treat more than one area in the same session.
  • Impossible to treat large volumes in one go.
  • Does not replace vibro-liposculpture for large volume areas.

The results

Usually acheived after a month. Sometimes a second visit is useful to enhance these results.
The post operative effects are minimal. Occasionally we observe bruising which disappears in a few days. Pain can last for a few hours but it is rare and easily alleviated by standard painkillers. Return to work is immediate. However it is recommended that you wear a support stocking for several days.

It’s important to know that the destroyed adipocytes (fat cells) NEVER come back but a healthy diet and lifestyle should be respected. Note that although the fat cells do not grow back, the neighbouring and/or dormant cells can dilate if the nutritional intake is excessive or unbalanced. So you need to accept that on the long term, a balanced diet and regular physical exercise is necessary.