Breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery in 10 questions

1. Under what circumstances is breast reduction possible?

If breasts are over-sized and/or falling.

2. What is the point of this surgery?

Firstly, aesthetic and secondly functional by reducing the heavy weight borne by the spinal column, in case of major mammary hypertrophy.

3. What type of anaesthetic is used?

General anaesthetic usually, sometimes local, along with tranquillizers, in minor cases not requiring hospitalization.

4. What are the scars like?

For a simple ptosis (falling breasts) they will be located around the areola (dark skin around the nipple) where they rapidly disappear in a few weeks. In more serious cases, you will have a “ship anchor” or “inverted T” scar.

5. How long will I be hospitalised?

It ranges from just one day to 2 days and 2 nights depending on the case.

6. What are the operation’s after-effects?

Bandage for 8 days, then a surgical bra night and day for 15 days.
Stitches fall out on their own.
No sports, nor exposure to sun for 1 month.

7. What is the ideal age?

As from age 18 when breasts have reached maturity, and even after the menopause in case of major hypertrophy affecting the lumbar vertebrae.

8. Can I breast feed after this procedure?

Yes, no problem.

9. And if “lifting” my breasts is not sufficient?

We can then combine breast reduction with placing implants to return some volume to your breasts.

10. How much does it cost?

2 400 £ to 3 400 £.