The technique

liposuctionliposuctionLipofine cares about your safety and comfort
Lipofine uses a technology that is a recognized, internationally patented innovation.
This system combines the principal benefits of ultrasound liposuction with the speed of traditional liposuction.


  • Makes the surgeon’s work easier
  • More precise strokes
  • Possibility of using Teflon-coated and/or multi-perforation cannulas
  • Cannulas of all sizes for optimum flexibility

Safety – Quality

  • This pneumatic system was designed for safe liposculpture that respects non-fat cells (emulsifying effect)
  • Micro-pumping effect to accelerate fat evacuation without increasing depression
  • Gentler for the patient
  • No overheating
  • Safety system
  • EC label


Suction cannula motion

the-techniqueLength :250mm
Side view
Top view